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Patton Asset Management's fully integrated, independent management services help create an outstanding experience for independent owners and operators, as well as their guests. By combining a deep expertise in every facet of hospitality, balancing long-term strategy with day-to-day operations, and applying lessons learned from working with some of the most respected brands in the industry, we help achieve the strong return you and your stakeholders have been looking for.

Michael Gildersleeve

Patton Asset's Founder, Michael Gildersleeve, may work with famous hotels and restaurants now, but his journey was far from easy. See how he went from growing up in the School of Hard Knocks to being one of the most respected hospitality experts in Arizona.
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Michael Gildersleev

"There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit."

Michael Gildersleev

How It All Started

After spending over 35 years working with some of the most unique hospitality brands in the industry and transforming Arizona's Hermosa Inn into a world-renowned resort, Michael Gildersleeve set out to help others achieve similar successes. In 2014, he began laying the groundwork for Patton Asset Management (named after his mother, Mary Louise "Mimi" Patton), while serving as The Hermosa Inn's Asset Manager and helping transition the resort to new ownership. After managing the Inn's sale and the first phase of its remodel, Gildersleeve turned his attention to Patton Asset and dedicated himself to delivering the same impressive results to hospitality businesses across the country.

Our Experience

Patton Asset Management's broad and deep experience is your key to success. Founder Michael Gildersleeve has touched just about every position in the hospitality industry, and now, he is bringing his wide range of skills and in-depth expertise to you.

Our Clients

  • Southbridge
  • Hermosa Inn
  • Bell Mar Plaza
  • Carefree Resorts