About Mike

“Surround yourself with the best qualified people you can find, delegate your authority, and don’t interfere.”

Michael Gildersleeve has lived by this philosophy his entire life. After growing up in a humble and hardworking family under the watchful eye of his mother, Mary Louise “Mimi” Patton, Gildersleeve opted to bypass college and begin his career immediately to gain real-world experience faster.

His first foray into hospitality was with Marriott Hotel & Resorts in the late 1970s, where he helped open three new resorts and restructure six existing properties as part of the company’s task force team. Then in 1984, he moved to Phoenix and accepted a position as Carefree Resorts’ Executive Chef for the new Buttes Resort. As one of the youngest up-and-coming chefs in the state, he had quite the challenge: open the resort’s two fine dining restaurants and conference center from the ground up.

Gildersleeve not only accepted the challenge and designed an award-winning culinary program, but also found his way out of the kitchen and into serval managerial positions with Carefree over the next 17 years. He served as the Resort Manager at The Lodge at Ventana Canyon in Tucson, Arizona, until Carefree Resorts was sold in 2000.

After the acquisition, Gildersleeve transitioned into the Director of Operations role with Destination Hotels and Resort before accepting a position as the Managing Director at the renowned Hermosa Inn and LON’s Restaurant in 2003.

Gildersleeve spent the next decade working closely with The Hermosa Inn and helped them achieve a Four Diamond award for LON’s, attract national recognition for the hotel, and improve relationships with the surrounding neighborhood by working with local government agencies. In the process of transforming the outdated, struggling property into a modern, world-class resort, he also led several other local projects to success, including The Southbridge District in Scottsdale and Bell Mar Plaza in Surprise.

Gildersleeve opened Patton Asset Management in early 2015 anticipating the sale of The Hermosa Inn. For the next year, he managed the Inn’s transition to new ownership and completed the first phase of their much-anticipated remodel. Through these opportunities, Gildersleeve broadened his expertise, discovered a passion for entrepreneurship, and decided he wanted to help other hospitality businesses experience the same impressive results.

Gildersleeve has achieved exciting professional successes, but his family and community are what bring him the most joy. In addition to participating in several boards and organizations, such as Northern Arizona University and the Valley Hotel and Restaurant Association, he and his significant other, Kathy, spend their time traveling and enjoying life’s gifts. He has found a love for cycling, golfing, and skiing, but those activities always come second to watching the New York Giants while thinking of his dogs, LT and Eli, and being with his daughter, Rachael, who he has proudly raised for the past ten years.

Over the course of his 35+ year career, Gildersleeve has accomplished many remarkable feats both professionally and personally. Now, he is looking forward to helping others achieve similar successes and happiness as the leader of Patton Asset Management.