About Robert Eckerman

Robert Eckerman and his consulting practice, Eckerman Consulting LLC, are proud to partner with Patton Asset Management. Eckerman Consulting LLC, a Houston-based consulting practice, provides financial and managerial assistance to growth-oriented businesses. Eckerman’s firm regularly helps its clients with preparing financial statements, establishing accounting and reporting protocols, developing detailed and interactive projections, and assistance with the establishment or maintenance of banking and lender relationships.

After earning his degree in accounting from Ohio State University, Eckerman became a Certified Public Accountant and spent more than 12 years with international accounting firm Touche Ross & Co., a predecessor firm of Deloitte LLP. A number of his clients were hotel operators, real estate syndicators, developers, and multi-location retailers.

Eckerman then joined Olympia Enterprises, a successful, privately held investment management firm, as their Chief Financial Officer and then President. Olympia’s businesses included a multi-state Blockbuster Video operation started in 1988 and sold in 1999. The Blockbuster operation was originally capitalized with $7 million in private equity and ultimately monetized for in excess of $100 million. Olympia also owned and operated a multi-state Hilton hotel and shopping center investment portfolio, as well as a multi-state telecom sales operation serving the small business customers of AT&T and Verizon. Under his direct oversight, the telecom business won multiple sales achievement awards, including the 2006 AT&T President’s Club award for Top Small Business Sales Agent.

Another aspect of Eckerman’s history that will benefit Patton Asset’s clientele is his extensive experience in evaluating and hiring talented people. He oversaw the growth of a business from 400 employees to more than 1,200 employees, as well as the corresponding development of an effective corporate office support group. In addition, Eckerman has in-depth knowledge about business lending and property sales, as he spearheaded the successful sale of two full-service Hilton hotels and two shopping center properties, all sold at substantial gains.