Hotel companies are racing to come up with the latest technology tools they can implement at their properties with a roster that already includes mobile check-in, keyless entry and digital room controls. Guests are becoming more demanding of their time, especially the business traveler. Has the sense of immediacy overridden the need for the emotional link provided by human interaction? “Hotels stand at the intersection of technology and human connection”, says Australian hotel consultant Dean Minott. “Much of the news in our industry today is about leveraging technology to improve guest experiences.”

This current trend in our industry is motivating hotels to enhance their experience for today’s digitally sophisticated traveler. While new technology is promoted as enhancing usability for guests, the underlying benefit to rollout many of these tools is cost-savings. most evident in controlling the high guest impact Front Office labor costs.


“Even consumers who embrace technology may worry that companies are exploiting them through so-called personalization. Hoteliers need to balance digital ingenuity with a human touch.”

~ Sean O’Neill


In the Horwath Industry May, 2018 Industry Report “Rethinking Luxury in Hospitality” it states technology can serve as an enabler for a personalized and seamless experience leading to a transformational impact” but also adds “luxury hospitality is traditionally known as human-centric, and we believe it will always stay human-centric.”

It is evident that for a quality stay, consistently executed service standards and advanced innovative technology must co-exist in hotels in today’s competitive marketplace. But it must be understood that there is no substitute for the emotional connection made by your guests when receiving personalized engagement delivered by an attentive, courteous, and efficient staff.

It’s your team that will ultimately make the difference in delivering an exceptional hospitality experience.


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About the author: Mr. Day is Executive Vice President of Operations at Patton Asset Management, LLC. He has spent a majority of his career managing upscale and luxury-branded hotel and resort properties in the U.S. and the Caribbean and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration from Florida State University.

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